Light As A Feather For My Feathery Waves

The more time I spend working on my hair, the more I understand the quirkiness of the whole hair styling process. I mean, it’s never occurred to me there are so many differences in styling products but clearly there are. More than that, I never thought I would be so particular about what I buy but I totally am.

When I was about 15 my hair stylist refused to blow-dry my hair. She insisted it wasn’t possible because my hair was so thick. Clearly she was a little quirky too. Anyway, I proceeded to pick up her blow dryer and do it without a problem. It took a bit of time, but I got all the water out and was able to straighten it shortly afterwards. The point is I knew how to handle my own hair, and I knew what to do in order to style it as quickly as possible.

As I’ve gotten older my hair has gotten to be a little less crazy, and my stylist no longer refuses to put the effort into getting my hair right. However, one of the most important things I’ve learned since I was 15 is I need a blow dryer that doesn’t weigh a ton.

Light Weight To Get The Job Done

The Rusk W8less Professional Lightweight Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer is light enough so it won’t hurt your arm if you’re trying to get through hair like mine. I have had my arm fall asleep on more than one occasion which is pretty frustrating. Oh, and it hurts! This dryer takes all of that away not just because it’s lightweight, but because it has a massive 2000 watts of power at its disposal.

Flexible On Power

One thing I’ve always had a problem with (which doesn’t happen with my flat iron) is a choice of power settings. My flat irons always have a range while blow dryers sometimes hardly have on and off! This one has 7 different settings for heat so you can be sure you’re not putting too much power on your locks. After all, none of us wants to deal with straw like hair and that’s what happens when you use too much heat.

Mid-Grade With High Power

This hair dryer is pretty powerful with plenty to offer, but it also has something else going for it. The out of pocket on this beast is not as bad as a lot of other professional options. It’s not cheap, but it certainly won’t break the bank.

Keeps Noise To A Minimum

It’s going to be somewhat impossible to find a dyer that is silent, but one that doesn’t overwhelm you with noise is pretty nice. This one is said to hit the decibel level of a “purr”. The idea of dealing with something that sounds like a kitten is much more appealing to me.

Threadless Is No Good

Usually, good attachments get twisted onto the body of a dryer so they stay. The condenser on this one just slides on and doesn’t stay. It slips off or turns around, and that can be really hard to keep in line when you’re trying to get your hair under control. I would say this is a design flaw but not a deal breaker, and many people have reported the condenser only “blows” off when you use the highest settings.

Drawing Me In

Overall, I’m pretty enticed by this dryer. It isn’t perfect, but it’s just about as perfect as a lot of the more expensive blower’s except it comes in at a better price. I can’t really complain there. It heats well, has the ceramic material I love as well as the added benefit of tourmaline. This dryer has definitely made the short list of products to buy.