Power, Noise and Options

Blow Dryer Options Beyond Just Heat And Power

The amount of dryness you get out of your blower is not the only thing to pay attention to. In fact, there are plenty of important things that could use your attention throughout the buying process, and a lot of them don’t have anything to do with the reason you wanted a dryer to begin with. It can be kind of confusing, but bear with me because I’m going to clear it up in the following few words.

What Did You Say?!

Blow dryers can be loud, like super loud! Basically, you can’t do anything else when you’re using one. If you only have it on for 5 or 10 minutes, it’s not a big deal. When you’re going for more than that though, it can be an issue especially if someone else needs the space or if you need to multitask (you know, take a call or talk to someone).

If you’re trying to get your hair dry but don’t want the noise that comes with it, you need to look for a dryer with an AC motor which are well known for not having high decibel levels. I care a whole lot about the amount of noise that is radiating through my life, so I want a quieter motor. If you don’t care, it’s on to the next consideration for you!

Watts Up?

If you look at the packaging or information on any dryer you’re considering, you’ll notice there’s a number that probably follows the name of the dryer. If it doesn’t, it will be on the packaging somewhere.

Anyway, the wattage number is what I’m talking about, and it tells you how much heat and power the dryer is capable of. Low wattage means it isn’t going to have enough oomph to reach the power level you need, while high wattage could be overpowering if you have thin hair.

If you’re not sure, it’s best to go with a blow dryer that sits around the 1800-1875 watt range. For thick, coarse hair you might be lucky enough to find one at 2000 or 2200 watts. Thin hair probably doesn’t need that much power, but thicker styles could benefit from the smoothness that comes with it.

Do Looks Matter?

In theory, no they don’t matter because the look of your dryer really doesn’t affect its capability to get your hair dry. However, (as shallow as it sounds) I will buy a pretty dryer over an ugly one any day if they have the same features. Remember that your blow-dryer is probably going to be out on a counter pretty often, and you have to look at it.

If you hate the material or the way it looks, or you’re worried about the material getting hot on your countertop, stay away from it. Otherwise, it’s a matter of preference but you should remember it’s always “substance over style”.

Keep It Clean

A lot of dryers now have removable filters, and that’s important because they pull in SO MUCH air. Filters catch dust and debris so it doesn’t end up stuck in your dryer or your hair. This is great, but it can become a problem if the location of the filter is inconvenient. Some dryers are known to pull your hair in as well as debris, and they can also be hard to clean because the cover is difficult to open.

It doesn’t seem like anything bad could come from an uncleansed blow dryer filter, but dust and heat do not mesh well. You need to clean it out regularly in order to ensure you don’t accidentally set the house on fire! While it’s unlikely, it can happen. The message here is always check where the filter is located so you don’t end up with a fire (or hair ripping) hazard.


I always say electrical devices that have a really good warranty are likely to stay with you for decades. Not just that, but it instills confidence because the manufacturer is basically telling their customers “our product WILL last”. Always read through the hair dryer’s warranty and see what the manufacturer will cover. If you get years of coverage for everything aside from accidental damage, you’ve found a good one. If you get limited coverage for a year or less with a whole lot of caveats in terms of service, you might want to steer clear.

You aren’t likely to get the best warranty for bargain blow dryers, but they might still be worth it. You will be responsible for replacing it should the dryer break down, but if it only cost $20 it’s probably a decent deal.

Consider The Options

While most of the points above don’t have anything to do with what you’re actually buying the dryer for, it’s a good idea to consider them before making a purchase. They can totally change the functionality for you, and make a big difference with the overall experience you have.