Major Power And Major Brightness Make A Great Dryer

My brother is a major nerd. I don’t say that to be mean after all, he would say the same himself. I remember spending a whole day in his apartment with some cling wrap and a heat gun so I could wrap up all of his Lego figures. That way, they wouldn’t come apart when he packed them up. I had never used a heat gun before so it was kind of fun, but still. Lego! He’s a grown man.

Anyway, the heat gun looked a whole lot like the Conair Yb075w Hair Dryer 1875w Yellow Bird. When I first saw the blow dryer version I didn’t know what to think. Well, I really thought it was a heat gun. Technically it is, but it needs a little more power and a different level of heat. If it could melt my hair the way it melts plastic together we would have major problems!

Pick Your Style

The Yellow bird is an inexpensive alternative, but it still has some of the perks that come along with many of the more expensive dryers on the market. For around $40 you get a powerful 1875 watt hair dryer with both a concentrator and straightening pick attachment. Both make it easier to get the style you’re looking for, but you’re not paying an arm and a leg for either.


Four settings for heat and speed give you extra control when drying your hair. My mom and I have very different hair types, so we have to be careful about using the same tools. I need a lot of power, but if I were to use the same on my Mom it would fry her ends like no one’s business. Although with four settings I’m pretty confident I could use this on her hair without worrying.

Cool Without Pressing

On a lot of hair dryers you have to hold down the cool button while you’re going so you get colder air. On this one, you just switch the cold and hot buttons upward, and it gives you all the cold you need. I like to cool my hair down every now and then so it doesn’t get fried while I’m drying, but my hand often starts to hurt from holding the button. This blow dryer helps you avoid that.

Not Green- Not Red- Slow At Yellow

I’m not entirely sold yet, but I’m pretty happy with what I’ve seen so far. The price is right, it’s about as reliable as other dryers of this type, and it has the attachments pretty much everyone needs from the word go. Actually, I honestly don’t know how I can complain.