PLEASE! Save Me From Cord Madness

Sometimes I feel like my bathroom counter is the battle of the cords. I have a hair dryer, flat iron, a curling wand, my husband’s trimmer charger and a whole bunch of other stuff that clutters up my counters. I have tried to find ways to get it more organized, but it never works very well.

Every now and then, I see a product that might actually help me get my life a little more organized. The Conair 1600 Watt Wall Mount Hair Dryer with LED Nightlight mounts on the wall like the hair dryers you find in hotels, and it keeps the cord off the counter. YAY! It also has a night light so if you hate turning on lights late at night when you’re walking through the bathroom, you at least have a little bit of illumination.

Slightly Lowers On The Watts

A lot of the professional style hair dryers on the market right now come in at about 1800-2000+ watts. This one only comes in at 1600 watts which is a good deal lower than I’ve seen on a lot of these beasts. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t do the trick, but it is worth thinking about the amount of wattage you need.

Auto Off

For the sake of a plastic mount, the dryer actually has an auto off. When you put it in the wall, it stops blowing and turns off. I’ve never had a problem forgetting to turn off a hair dryer. I’ve forgotten my iron more times than I can count, but my dryer always reminds me it’s on because of the super loud noise. Although, I think this is a nice little feature simply because you don’t have to press or turn a button (lazy I know, but it makes life easier)!

Priced Right

Compared to a lot of larger dryers, this one costs mere pocket change. It’s under $30.00 and includes everything you can see in the picture. Personally, I think it offers a lot of features for the price.

Walls Not For Me

Even with the addition of a fancy wall mount which really will help get my counter space under control, the lack of power is putting me off at the moment. I have mega-thick, mega-long hair, and I need mega-power to dry it.

However, if you need less power than I do, are looking for compact and want cords off the counter, this may be the perfect choice. It’s a very convenient addition to your bathroom, and if you have short or fine hair it has all the power you need in one compact package.