Hair Dryer Brands

What’s In A Name? A LOT!

One thing I have learned in my quest for the perfect hair dryer is you should never buy one just because the brand name is popular. I’ve fallen into the same trap in the past. You know how it goes: A friend tells you they’ve just bought a new hair dryer from a big name manufacturer and it’s perfect. Of course, you think if it’s OK by them it’s alright with me.

However, as I’ve said many times what works for someone-else won’t necessarily work for you especially with hair appliances. In order to give you a helping hand I’ve compiled a list of some of the brands I’ve mentioned on my website so you have an idea of what to expect.

t3 logo


If you’re looking for salon quality and you’re willing to pay a salon price, begin your search with T3. Their hair dryers come in a variety of options that range from lightweight to heavy duty and everything in between. You can even get a variety of different materials too, so you have options from just about every angle.


babylisspro logoAs one of the biggest salon brands you can get every kind of hair item from Babyliss. If it gets hot and is used to style your hair, they make it! That said, being the biggest doesn’t mean being the best, and they tend to get very mixed reviews. Some of the options are amazing and others miss the mark. The prices range from $50-$60 up to more than $100. You just have to be sure what you want out of it before reaching for your wallet.


elchim logoIf you’re looking for the crème de la crème as far as hair products go, it’s time to take a look at Elchim. They have a reputation for being at the higher end of the market, and you will pay more for the superb quality they produce. They aren’t perfect, (but who is) and they offer a lot of options as well as some pretty high power products.


panasonic logoIf you’ve used electronics of any kind you’ve probably seen a Panasonic product or two. In this case, they also make hair items. They don’t skimp on quality if you’re looking for something that does well for the price. They’re also kind of out there as far as design is concerned.


conair logoAs one of the most famous names in hair products, Conair offers plenty of different options so you can get your hair style just so. Their products can be found in drug stores, but they’re of a much higher quality than some of the other brands out there. They’re definitely consumer grade, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing if you’re a consumer who doesn’t have the time to get a perfect salon quality style.


rusk logoIf you want salon quality that comes in just below potentially exorbitant prices it may be time to look at Rusk. They have some pretty powerful options without quite hitting the top of the line price wise, and they offer some serious staying power for those of you who are prepared to take good care of them. Their products are available with just about every kind of material, and are great for drying hair in a jiffy!


revlonl logoYou’ve probably seen Revlon items in the makeup aisle at drug stores, but they go well beyond that these days. Revlon are now involved in many an electrical product, but dryers from them are not expensive, and can be found in your local drug store. They have a pretty loyal following for consumer grade items, and they do a fairly good job for the price.


remington logoWhat you should be realizing is a lot of products for hair that can be purchased in drug stores and big box stores are made by companies that specialize in a lot of other things. Remington makes a lot of dryers, curlers, flat irons and more in addition to razors and other bathroom items they have popularized. Their blow dryers are fairly high quality for drug store items, and they offer great power for a good price.

VidalSassoon logo

Vidal Sassoon

As another drug store brand Vidal Sassoon does not have as many items on the market, but they are still fairly good products. They provide consistent styling ability without a whole lot of frills, and they do a good enough job for the price.

Outside The Box

If you’re looking for something outside of the options above there are plenty of other, smaller brands on the market you can try. I go over other names like Turbo Power, Pibbs, Salon Sundry, Tourmaline Tools, Andis, Laila Ali, Rimini, Sedu Revolution and more.

There are plenty of pros and cons for each, but none of them are inherently better just for being a bigger or smaller brand. Many companies make a range of products at all price levels, some of which are amazing and others that fall short. You just have to do your research to know, although hopefully the information I’ve given you here has gone some way to helping you make a decision.