Sit Under / Bonnet Guide

Buying Considerations for Sit Under Bonnet Hair Dryers

I didn’t know you can get sit under dryers for your home, but now I do I am serious about wanting to give one a shot. They come in pretty much all sizes so you can get big waves or tight curls, but there are a couple of things to consider. The options are great, but they’re obviously never going to give the results you would get in a hair salon (that would cost you thousands of dollars).

Not Quite The Same

The dryers you find at a salon are not going to be as flexible as the ones at home. Too much movement on the professional ones is a bad thing because someone could get burned. For the same reason home options are not going to be as powerful but they are still very useful.
Salon dryers are made with certain types of chairs so they’re comfortable to use, while the ones for home can be a little harder to sit under comfortably. The professional models are also made of sturdier materials.

Worth The Differences

If you were to try and get a sit under dryer with professional seating for your home, it will (as I said) cost you a lot of money. I imagine most people who spring for the less expensive options are trying to do the exact opposite. It’s likely you would buy a home “sit under dryer” so you’re able to save money going to the salon every week. One of the home versions will probably be perfectly suitable even if it isn’t exactly the same.

Counter Mounted Or Pole Mounted

Sit under dryers primarily come in two types. You can either get them on a pole or counter mounted. Most people tend to prefer pole mounted because it can be hard to find a chair that’s at a comfortable height when you’re sitting at a counter.

That being said if you can, more power to you! Pole designs are not always the best option because the bonnets are heavy and the poles can break. There are pros and cons to both, but if you have the right kind of chair I would go with counter mounted.

Circular Or Straight Down?

If you’re trying to decide what kind of drying power to use with a bonnet mounted blower you have to consider what kind of style you want. If you’re looking to get straight hair, try models that heat from the top and blow straight down. If you want curls or waves, or if you’re looking to dry with curlers in your hair you’re best off going with a circular type.

Free Style

One last option for bonnets gives you a whole lot of freedom thanks to some appropriately placed elastic. There are bonnet dryers that don’t come on a pole or as a counter mount. They actually sit on your head like a shower cap, and they have a long cord the air blows through.
They look like those that appear in Beauty School Dropout in Grease. This is my favorite option because it gives you the freedom to sit anywhere without being uncomfortable, but they are not always well-constructed. I really like the Andis Professional Bonnet Hair Dryer which is one of the better designs on the market.

An A+ For Your Bonnet

I am excited to try one of these dryers because I think it will really help me get the style I want out of my hair. I love the idea of not having to do anything while my hair dry’s (and styles) on its own. I know it isn’t that simple, but I would love to sit and get work done for an hour while my hair is being pampered without any intervention from me.