Best Hair Dryers For Thick Hair

Speed is the key when you have to dry thick hair. If you’re trying to get out of the house on time for an event or day at work, your blow-dryer can be your worst enemy. One that dries quickly however, can be your “bestest” friend.

The problem is the dryers that fall above or below what you need. A blower that doesn’t get enough heat and power will have you in front of the mirror for days, while a dryer with too much will leave your locks fried and dry. Neither of these is what you want, so you might think it’s better not to use a dryer at all.

I wanted to find a handful of dryers that can be relied on to get water out while keeping moisture in. We don’t want any crispy hair here! As the proud owner of some of the thickest hair in the entire world (or so it seems), speed is SO important.

There are other things you can look for that will also help keep your hair smooth, and a lot of those perks can be found on these dryers. Keep an eye out for models that use ceramic, tourmaline or ionic technology. They get hair dry (of course) but smooth at the same time. It’s important to remember you do need a motor that’s 1800 watts or above.

Below are some of the best options if you have a mane like mine to get under control.

Top Five Dryers

Panasonic Nano-e EH-NA95-RP

If you have a couple (read: a lot) of extra dollars to drop on a hair dryer, this Panasonic model is the way to go. It has Nano-ionic technology your hair will love as well as a whole bunch of other features that make it worth its weight in gold. It’s not big, and it can be used for more than just drying hair. It will also produce the speed, heat and power you need in order to get your hair dry quickly.

You’ll be happy that you put out the extra money if you can come up with the change. Better yet, you’ll feel like it’s your beauty best friend because it can be used for so many different things thanks to all the different settings.

panasonic nano-e

BaBylissPro BABNT5548 Ionic Nano Titanium Dryer

Some hair is thick enough that it needs even more than the traditional 1875W, and you can get that from this blower. It packs 2000 Watts, so the thickest of hair can get just what it needs to smooth down and chill out.

The wattage also makes speed possible so the start to your day (or evening) isn’t hampered by spending time drying your locks. BaByliss is not my favorite brand, but there aren’t many other manufacturers that offer 2000 watts, and this one will certainly do the job. It also has ionic technology that will keep frizz out as well as an ion generator that takes the feature one step further.

babylisspro nano titanium

Conair 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

Tourmaline will help to cut down on frizz (like a lot)! It can mean the difference between big hair that’s full of frizz and voluminous hair that still has all the style you want without being fried. Tourmaline is a smoothing agent, so it softens your style more than almost any other dryer.

The Conair has tourmaline along with the 1875 Watts of power you need to get your hair dry, and it does it at just the right price. It’s not expensive, but you’ll feel like a million bucks. It also comes with both a diffuser and concentrator so you can do whatever you want with your hair without having to buy too many extra tools.

conair 1875 tourmaline

Sedu Revolution TGR 4000i Hair Dryer

Sedu really know what they’re doing in this instance. I mean, I can’t help but be impressed. The Revolution Pro does an awesome job and it has the right amount of power to get your hair dry no matter how thick it is.

It will condition your hair with ions to make sure you don’t succumb to frizz, but it will also work with enough speed so you can get on with your day. You won’t end up with tired arms while you’re trying to get the wet out of your hair, and if you pay attention to the amount of heat you’re using you won’t end up with fried locks. It’s expensive alright, but it truly delivers.

sedu revolution pro

Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri Dryer

I know I’ve been preaching the wares of a lot of wattage for fast drying, but hear me out on this one. This isn’t a typical handheld hair dryer, and that’s why it can get away with lower wattage and longer drying time. This bonnet style hair dryer makes it possible to dry your hair without using your hands.

It takes longer, but you get a smoother dry without large bursts of heat that can hurt your style. You can use your hands for other things while you sit in a chair and let the dryer do the trick. It’s great for really thick hair and natural hair styles that take a long time to dry and set.

pibbs kwik dri