Hide The Cord And Save My Sanity

One of the biggest frustrations with my morning routine is the fact there are cords, EVERYWHERE. I have to use a bunch of different appliances to get my hair “on point”, so it’s like wire madness! I hate clutter and I also hate getting cords stuck in things (or around me), so a solution that gets this under control would be amazing.

The Andis RC-2 Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer which has a retractable cord and folding handle is the solution. It’s small and has the same amount of power a lot of full sized dryers have, but it also updates certain perks in the best way.

Snap Snap

Aside from being smaller than a typical dyer, this hair dryer has a cord that retracts RIGHT INTO THE BODY. You hit a button, and it recoils into the handle of the dryer. It all but disappears, and I end up with NO CORD ON THE COUNTER. Then, you can flip the handle itself into the body of the device to make it smaller all together. It basically disappears.

Okay. It doesn’t get that small but it does get pretty tiny.

Ions To Get Your Style On

The RC-2 can get ionic charge into your hair which combats frizz while working through your volume. This is not a problem I have, but there are some people whose hair just falls flat when they’re done drying if they overuse ion technology. If your hair is on the thinner side this probably isn’t the dryer for you but for people like me with thicker and unruly hair, it’s fantastic.

Small But Not Light

One of the strange things about this dryer is that while it is smaller in size, it’s not really any lighter than a traditional iron. This is a little weird to me because I hate how heavy my traditional iron is. That being said, if it’s smaller when it fits in my hand it might be easier to use regardless.

The Fun Doesn’t Last

There are a lot of people who have had problems with the life of this dryer, and that may be because the wires are designed to twist and bend. If these wires twist on each other as much as it seems they would, that could be the cause of the problem. Of course, if you don’t intend to use it every-day it will last longer.

Give It A Bendable Shot

This isn’t the perfect blow dryer, but it’s probably as much as you can expect out of a $20 product. You’re not going to break the bank by investing in it, and at the very least you will probably get a good few months (if not more) of use out of it. I would be way more upset if it was super expensive and didn’t survive. For around $20, it’s probably the right product for a lot of uses.

If you’re with me and want big style in a compact package scoot on over here and make it yours.