Blowing In The Wind And Looking FAB!

What’s up, my friend? My name is Ellie and I’d like to offer you a “blowy” welcome to my site! Take a look around and benefit from the tons of time I spent trying to find the best dryer for my super long, super thick and mega curly hair. If your hair isn’t quite like that, don’t worry. I have something here for every hair type from flat to coarse, thin to thick and much more!

What I Look for in the Reviews

No, that cute little girl you see isn’t me, but I just had to include her picture on my website. I also think it’s a good way to explain that I grew up in hair dryer wonderland, and that I’ve since learned almost everything there is to know about them.

It can be totally overwhelming to try and organize your thoughts on what you need. Of course every manufacturer says their hair dryer is the best for your hair, but that can’t be true. Not everyone has the time for the intense study I did, so I wanted to make it easier on the rest of the world.


Your hair dryer should last a long time, and together with the ability to actually dry your hair, this is one of the most important thing to look for. Unfortunately, I have found that a lot of new designs have a pretty short shelf-life, so I always make sure to mention this in my reviews. That said, it does also depend on what you’re prepared to pay.

Price Levels

Hair dryers range in price from mere pocket change to a whole lot of dough. It’s actually kind of hard to believe how much they vary. I mean, you can pick up a decent dryer at your local drug store for $20, or you can go to a salon and pay way over $200 for a professional version. There are good options in all price ranges, it just depends on what you want out of it and how often you’re going to use it.

Power & Options

You’re likely to spend a lot of time thinking about power and heat levels when you’re choosing a dryer, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of other things to contemplate as well. Noise, size, look, warranty… all of those are important when you’re making a decision, and I walk you through their importance.


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The Best Hair Dryer to Match your Style

If you don’t have the time (or desire) to read through a bunch of reviews, don’t worry. I totally get it. With you in mind I’ve put a few pages together with the best dryers per hairtype, to save you time gathering the information you want.

Top 5 for Fine Hair

Fine hair (like Cameron Diaz has) needs some additional care that those with thick hair don’t have to worry about. The following selection of dryers is perfect for your hair type.

Top 5 for Thick Hair

Got thick hair? Does it take what seems like hours to dry? Maybe you don’t have the right hair dryer for the job. Read on and you just might find the answer to your problem.

Top 5 for Curly Hair

If you have curly hair that’s difficult to dry because it can descend into madness, take a look at my favorite dryers that will help eliminate the problem.

Top 5 for Frizzy Hair

If frizzy hair is something that bothers you every-day, you need a hair dryer that won’t leave it looking larger than life! Take a look at these great options so you can finally get it under control.

The Best of the Best

If you haven’t found your dream hair dryer by matching it to your hair style, I now invite you to go through some of my overall best picks. Obviously there is a ton of overlap with the previous selections, so it’s hard to really divide things up clearly, but you can still get a pretty good idea of what is there.

Up until recently, I always thought a blow dryer was just a device that blows hot air. Now I know better, and I understand why my super thick, frizzy hair has struggled so much with dryers I have owned in the past.

I need more care from my dryer than just heat. So, I went on a search to find just that.

Buying Information

Now you’ve examined the best hair dryers, it’s time to look beyond that. Below I have some really useful informational articles that will hopefully help in the decision making process.

Mind Your Materials

I know it can be hard to understand exactly what materials like tourmaline or ceramic can offer in a hair dryer, so I have two informational articles to help clear up any questions you might have. There are really good reasons to pick one over the other, and they’re going to matter differently to each hair type. Remember the goal is healthy over perfect hair every single time.

Get Attached

One thing that sets hair dryers apart from other heated hair tools is they come with various attachments that aren’t required to get the dryer to work, but are required to get the style you want. Whether you’re looking for straight hair or curls, just about every type of dryer has a set of attachments that either come with it or can be purchased separately, and they totally change the way the device itself works. Decide what you’re going for with your dryer so you can then make a decision about what attachments you need.

Budget Versus Expensive

How much money should you spend on a dryer? That’s like the $100 question! You don’t have to buy an expensive dryer in order to get everything you need, but it doesn’t mean you should just get a cheap one because you don’t want to spend extra money. If funds are tight, there are some great budget options. If you have a little more flexibility with your money, don’t shy away from checking out higher end options that last for years.

Bee In Your Bonnet

Okay, maybe not a bee (or let’s hope not)! A bonnet hair dryer is a dryer like the ones you see at the hair salon. Manufacturers now sell them for home use so you can dry without using your hands. They’re great for coarse and thick hair, but they do take some time to produce the finished result. The idea of being able to do other things while your hair is being styled is great, but I do point out a few things for you to consider before you dive into your wallet.

Take It On The Road

A lot of people (like me) choose to buy a second hair dryer so it can be taken with you when you’re on the road. If you’re in the market for a smaller sized dryer to protect your hair without having to use the hotel options, scoot through these points to find the right one.

How Does a Dryer Handle?

Just like the important information you gather when you test drive a car, you should know how the dryer you pick is going to handle. Is it too big, too small, are the buttons in a weird place? If you’re going to be dropping even close to a serious amount of change on a blower, you should seriously consider all the information I’ve included here.

All Things Considered

You’re likely to spend a lot of time thinking about power and heat levels when you’re choosing a dryer, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of other things to contemplate as well. Noise, size, look, warranty… all of those are important when you’re making a decision, and I walk you through their importance here.

Brand Names

Another way to quickly whittle down your buying options is to decide what brand you want to go with before spending a lot of time looking at features. If you trust a brand like BabylissPro or Elchim, it’s good to go with it because you know how it works. I’ve been through each of the brands to bring you up to speed on what they’re offering, and what kind of quality you can look forward to.

Top 20 Blow Dryers

I’ve thrown a lot of information at you, and even though it’s all broken up into different categories it may still seem a little overwhelming. If that’s the case, do not visit my reviews using the top menu because there are simply too many options.

Instead, browse the best of each category using the handy table below. Just click what you’re looking for and go right to what you need. I hope you find something to “float your boat”.

Closing Thoughts

The last thing you need is to find you need to replace your hair dryer in a short space of time, especially if you’ve invested in one for the long-term. A good hair dryer is the difference between spending money one time and spending it over and over. By doing the homework up front, you can save yourself the frustration that can come with “disposable” dryers, or dryers that don’t match your needs.

If you’re still unsure what to choose, you probably want to head back over to the chart and look through there again because it’s so streamlined. When you find what you want, just read the review, hit “add to cart”, and you can get your new blow dryer at the speed of light. Well, at the speed of your local shipping carrier anyway.

The information I’ve posted here is designed to be fast and helpful, everything is available at a glance and, better yet, you may end up with more features for your money because the perfect dryer also turns out to have a lot of other stuff too. There are a ton of options which means the right dryer for your beautiful hair is out there. We just have to find it together.

Here’s to great hair my friends!